Private Banking Service

Downton Capital Ltd can manage and administer your bank accounts on your behalf or as an intermediary with your bank.

Over the years, Downton Capital Ltd has developed strong business relationships with many major banks around the world. These relationships allow us to provide adequate bank management services. Through its network of trusted partners in the banking industry, Downton Capital Ltd provides private banking services including:

• Assets and wealth structuring
• Financing and credit
• Handling of all banking transactions, including transfers and reconciliations
• Insurance
• Private real estate
• Provision of bank signatories
• Monitoring of transactions

Estate planning

Effective planning is the result of careful assessment of your assets, tax residency, family considerations, succession planning strategies and other factors. The goal of estate planning is to ensure that your wealth is protected and passed on to your chosen beneficiaries in the most flexible and efficient way possible.

To do so, Downton Capital Ltd brings together fiduciary investment and tax planning expertise. Downton Capital Ltd can help you protect your wealth and organize safe succession solutions.

Our estate planning services include:

– Check exemptions and tax rates on lifetime transfers
– Optimizing lifetime transfers between spouses
– Transfer of agricultural or business ownership
– Transfer of assets to trusts
– Organize sufficient life insurance to cover potential inheritance tax liabilities

Trustee & Fiduciary

For both private and corporate clients, trustee and fiduciary services offer a variety of solutions for the management of assets.

Downton Capital Ltd offers a complete range of international fiduciary and financial planning services aimed at enhancing and preserving private wealth through the creation of tax efficient international investment structures.

For private clients, we arrange and run a family office to suit their specific needs and we also assist them to establish trusts and foundations for estate or tax planning purposes.

For corporate clients, we establish special purpose vehicles for corporate finance and capital market transactions, and we also act as trustees for a variety of trusts.

Choosing Downton Capital Ltd as your fiduciary, means you will benefit from the combined expertise in Tax, Accounting and Law, and you will receive a first class all encompassing service in London and all around the world.

VAT and Payroll Service

VAT is one of the most complex and expensive tax regimes imposed on businesses. We provide an efficient VAT cost service which includes:

• Assistance with VAT registration
• Advice on VAT planning and administration
• Use of the most appropriate system
• VAT and reconciliation control
• Help to complete VAT returns
• Planning to minimize future problems with customs and excise
• Negociate with customs and excise in disputes and represent you before VAT courts

In addition to VAT services, Downton Capital Ltd provides payroll services for businesses of all sizes. While staff matters can often be complicated and synonymous with conflict, our services are designed to relieve you of these complex issues. Our staff services include:

• Preparation of payment instructions for net salaries, social security vouchers and payroll taxes
• Monthly payslips
• Handling expenses and refunds
• Periodic management payroll reports
• Management of mandatory deductions, payments and related matters
• Contract management and remuneration advice
• Monitor and advise on personal matters, work order and insurance


Opening a bank account in the United Kingdom

You can entrust us with your file in order to obtain a business bank account in the United Kingdom for your company in London without having to travel, even for non-UK Residents.

With your bank account:

A Business Mastercard that can be used anywhere in the world.
With your IBAN, you can have your invoices paid by transfer or make payments from your bank account.

Finally a professional bank account in Great Britain (IBAN in GB) for your Limited.

We can also arrange an appointment for you with our partners such as Lloyd’s Bank, Barclay’s Bank, HSBC and many others …

To do this, call us at least 10 days before your arrival so that we can organize your visit.

Do not hesitate to ask us for advice on opening international accounts.